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Mahatma Gandhi


On Non-Violence

Gandhi's View

  1. Non-violence & World Crisis
  2. Nonviolence Vs. Violence
  3. Religion Vs. No Religion
  4. The Doctrine of The Sword
  5. My Faith in Nonviolence

From The Mind of Mahatma Gandhi

  1. Resistance To Aggression
  2. The Choice before India
  3. The Way to Peace
  4. The Gospel of Nonviolence
  5. The Power of Nonviolence
  6. Training For Nonviolence
  7. Application of Nonviolence
  8. The Nonviolent Society
  9. The Nonviolent State
  10. Violence & Terrorism
  11. Between Cowardice and Violence
  12. India And The Nonviolent Way
  13. India And The Violent Way
  14. Nuclear War: The Atom Bomb

From A Pictorial Biography of Mahatma Gandhi

  1. Gandhi And Nonviolence

Martin Luther King's views

  1. The Meaning of Nonviolence
  2. Pilgrimage To Nonviolence
  3. Kingian Nonviolence : A Practical Application in Policing

Gandhi's Struggle for Nonviolence

  1. The Birth of Satyagraha
  2. Domestic Satyagraha
  3. Satyagraha At Viramgam
  4. The Indian Emigration Act
  5. The Champaran Struggle
  6. The Mill-Hands of Ahmedabad
  7. The Kheda Struggle
  8. Satyagraha in South Africa


  1. Violence and Its Dimensions
  2. Youth, Nonviolence And Gandhi
  3. Peace Paradigms : Five Approaches to Peace
  4. Nonviolent Action: Some Dilemmas
  5. Conflict, Violence And Education
  6. Peace Education for the Millennium
  7. Martin Luther King's Nonviolent Struggle and its Relevance to Asia

Books Online

  1. My Non-violence : M. K. Gandhi
  2. Conflict Resolution and Gandhian Ethics : Thomas Weber
  3. Nonviolence After Gandhi (PDF Version) : Edited by G. Ramachandran & T. K. Mahadevan
  4. Gandhi-His Relevance for Our Times : Edited by G. Ramachandran & T. K. Mahadevan
  5. Gandhi And South Africa(PDF Version) : E. S. Reddy
  6. Sabarmati To Dandi : Jyotsna Tiwari

  1. Global Nonviolence Network
  2. Books Recommended
  3. Related Links

Conflict Resolution

  1. Role of Academics in Conflict Resolution
  2. Conflict, Violence And Education
  3. Moral Equivalent of War As A Conflict Resolution
  4. The Emerging Role of NGOs in Conflict Resolution
  5. Gandhi's Role and Relevance in Conflict Resolution
  6. Interpersonal Conflict
  7. The Role of Civil Society in Conflict Resolution
  8. An Approach to Conflict Resolution

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Gandhi Today focuses just not on Gandhi but his relevance in today's times. Gandhi TODAY endeavours to inspire its readers to constructive living or the Gandhian concept of living, i.e. ahimsa (nonviolence), satyagraha (nonviolent action), swadeshi (self-reliance), swaraj (self-rule) and above all, Sarvodaya (the welfare of all) and the difficult task of applying this concept to our present violent based society, that has top priority on this site. The site ,both in Swedish and English, contains many articles, updates on nonviolence and its relevance in today's times world over.
This is the site by the Transnational Foundation for Peace & Future Research, presents analyses, ideas, columns and debates on the present situation on the present world scenario pertaining to nonviolence, peace and harmony. is one of the most highly-visible and visited peace websites, being highly ranked through Gulf War II. The mission of the mission is featuring the best writing and analysis from a nonviolent viewpoint. The site also has a discussion board, various articles on issues related to peace and nonviolence with many links on other nonviolent sites.
The site is on MK Gandhi Institute of nonviolence of Arun Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi's grandson. It has different sections on Gandhi such as biography, articles by Arun Gandhi, a chronology of Mahatma's life, his fasts, quotations, photo library, articles on nonviolence and also list of books, CDs and other items from the institute.
You’ll find information and resources for Mahatma Gandhi the Gandhi Movement, nonviolence, peacemaking, small scale alternatives, and simple living.
This site is about the Center for the Advancement of Nonviolence, established in 2000 with a mission to heal, empower and revitalize lives and communities through the practice of nonviolence as a way of life. The site has many articles on nonviolence activities and also has many updates on the programmes of the center.
An important site on nonviolence, by fourth freedom forum, which explores options for the nonviolent resolution of international conflicts, it has also has articles and publications published recently.
The site intends to expose the Indian youth to film that brings new ideas, methodology, solutions and experimentation for social change through non violence and global disarmament.
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