Nature Cure

Nature Cure


Written by : M. K. Gandhi

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Part-I: Part-II: Nature Cure Treatment Part-III: Nature Cure Experiments Part-IV: Part-V: Ramanama And Nature Cure Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C Appendix D

About This Book

Written by : M. K. Gandhi
Edited by : Bharatan Kumarappa
Foreword by : Morarji Desai
First Edition :10,000 copies, 1948
I.S.B.N :81-7229-071-3
Printed and Published by :Jitendra T. Desai,
Navajivan Mudranalaya,
© Navajivan Trust, 1960


Appedix D :
Training At The Uruli-Kanchan Clinic

There is no arrangement yet for giving a regular training in Nature Cure. But the Clinic will be prepared to accept a few trainees, at their own cost, if they would be satisfied with what training they might get while they perform their duties. Persons desirous of dedicating their lives to this Ashram and leading Ashram life may also be permitted. There is need for a few of them particularly ladies.
The Nature Cure methods employed in this Clinic are limited to the following items laid down by Gandhiji: Regulation of diet, fast, sun-bath, fomentations, steam-bath, mud- bandage, massage and non-injurious indigenous herbs.
For further particulars and rules of the Clinic please apply with stamps for reply to:

Nisargopachar Ashram,
Uruli-Kanchan (Poona)

Harijan, 23-l-'49