Nature Cure

Nature Cure


Written by : M. K. Gandhi

Table of Contents

Part-I: Part-II: Nature Cure Treatment Part-III: Nature Cure Experiments Part-IV: Part-V: Ramanama And Nature Cure Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C Appendix D

About This Book

Written by : M. K. Gandhi
Edited by : Bharatan Kumarappa
Foreword by : Morarji Desai
First Edition :10,000 copies, 1948
I.S.B.N :81-7229-071-3
Printed and Published by :Jitendra T. Desai,
Navajivan Mudranalaya,
© Navajivan Trust, 1960


Appedix E :
Non-English Words with Their Meanings

  • Akash : Ether
  • Angithi : A small coal stove
  • Ashram : A place of spiritual retirement; Gandhiji's colony of workers
  • Ayurveda : The science of health or medicine, regarded as a supplement to Atharvaveda, which is one of the four Vedas or Hindu sacred books
  • Bapu : Father
  • Bhajan : Hymn, prayer in the form of song
  • Bhakri : Flat, hard, unleavened bread
  • Bidi : Indigenous cigarettes in which tobacco is wrapped in hand-twisted dry leaves
  • Bilva : Leaf of a sacred tree of that name, Aegles Marmelos or wood-apple
  • Brahmacharya : Chastity
  • Chapati : Flat, unleavened bread
  • Dharma : Law of conduct, duty
  • Ghi, Ghee : Clarified melted butter
  • Go-seva : Service of the cow
  • Go-seva Sangh : An association for the protection and welfare of cows
  • Hakim : Physician following Unani system of medicine
  • Kavo : A hot beverage made up of water, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, etc.
  • Khichadia : Preparation of rice mixed with cooked dal : or pulse
  • Kshetra Sannyasa : Restriction to a definite field of work to the exclusion of other fields
  • Lakha : Hundred thousand
  • Langotia : Small piece of cloth tied round the private parts
  • Lota : A small metal vessel
  • Mowhra : Seed of Mowhra tree, Bassia Latifolia :
  • Mung : A kind of pulse
  • Neem : A tropical tree, Melia Azaderach :
  • Pooja : Ritualistic worship and offering
  • Purnanna : Literally, complete diet; an experiment in which vegetables and two or three kinds of flour are steamed together possessing complete food values
  • Purnanna rotia : Bread steamed with vegetables in it and possessing complete food values
  • Ramanama : Name of Rama or God
  • Shastra : Scripture; authoritative writing
  • Shloka : Verse
  • Vaidya : Ayurvedic doctor