The Making of a Social Reformer
[ Gandhi In South Africa, 1893-1914 ]

Appendix 3: Trust Deed of Mehafil Eslam Mota-Varachha

Memorandum of Agreement made and entered into Pietermaritzburg, colony of Natal, this first day of October 1905, by and between Amod Bayat, Dawood Mahomed Bayat, Ismail Ebrahim Bayat, and Moosa Ebrahim Rawat all of Pietermaritzburg, storekeepers, Mahomed Sulleman Vaid, Mahomed Ebrhaim Seedat of Newcastle, Amod Mahomed Badat Haffijee of Estcourt and Dawood Amod of Umzimkulu, storekeepers, all natives of Mota-Varaccha District, Surat, India.
That the above parties have agreed to form a Benevolent Society to be known as The Mehafil Eslam of Mota-Varaccha upon the following conditions, viz.:
That all the parties hereto are the Trustees and Committee of Management of the affairs of the Society:

  1. That said Amod Bayat shall be the president and the said Mahomed Ebrahim Seedat the secretary and treasurer of the said Society, but the majority in number of the Committee of Management shall have the right any time and at all times to elect and appoint other members of the Committee to fill the positions of president and secretary and treasurer.
  2. It is further agreed that the funds already collected, or hereafter from time to time collected shall be used for the building of schools, assisting persons who are destitute, and for any other purpose which may be decided upon the majority in number of the aforesaid Committee of Management.
  3. In the event of the resignation of any one or more of the said Trustees, the retiring Trustee or Trustees shall appoint some other person or persons who are natives of Varaccha to be Trustee or Trustees in his or their place.
  4. In the event of the death of any of the Trustee or Trustees then the majority of the remaining Trustees shall appoint as a successor in office either a brother or son of such deceased Trustee or Trustees.
  5. All funds belonging to the Society shall be placed in a Bank by the secretary and treasurer to the credit of The Mehafil Eslam of Mota-Varaccha.
  6. All cheques shall be signed by the president and secretary and treasurer.
  7. The secretary and treasurer shall on the 30th day of June and 31st day of December in each and every year, prepare and transmit to each and every member of the Committee of Management, a full statement of accounts and report showing the true position of affairs of the Society.
  8. All the members of the Committee of Management and their successors in office shall render service free of charge to the Society.
  9. The secretary and treasurer shall keep a record in a minute book of all proceedings of the said Society. Thus done and executed at Pietermaritzburg on the day, month, and year first above written, in the presence of the undersigned witnesses.

As witnesses:

  • Amod Bayat
  • Parsee E. Cowasjee
  • Y. S. Vaid
  • Mahomed Ebrahim Seedat
  • Ismail Ebrahim Bayat
  • D. M. Bayat
  • Moosa Rawat
  • A.M.B. Haffijee
  • Amod Mamoojee Motala
  • M. S. Vaid