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Appendix 2: Mehfil Saiful Islam Annual Report

The Mehfil's secretary reported on 15 February 1910.
On 13 February, Kholvad's Mehfil Saiful Islam's annual meeting took place in the library hall. Mr Hoosein Ismail Khota was the chairman. Mr Hajee Moosa Hajee Ahmed Dindar was elected chairman in place of Mr. Hajee Ebrhim Hajee Ahmed Dindar who was in the Transvaal. In place of Mr Hajee Moosa Dindar, Mr. Mahomed Ahmed Badat was elected as member of the subcommittee. Mr. Goolam Ahmed Bihari read the Mehfil's annual report whose main points are as follows.
The names of the trustees, managing board, and subcommittee members are listed at the beginning of the report. The Mehfil's nine objectives and eighty rules are set out. By the year's end, the total of 52 members is made up of one life member, 16 first-class members, 21 second-class members, and 14 third-class members.
Financial Details: When the last report was published, the Mehfil's balance was Rs 2305-15-9. In previous years, the income was made up of Rs 124 in subscriptions, Rs 388-8-0 in gift funds, Rs 796-12-0 in village repairs, and Rs 559-12-0 , and Rs 559-12-0 in Gurba funds. In addition, the sale of unused library books came to Rs 5-6-0, which together with refunded newspaper subscription of Rs 1-10-0 came to a total of Rs 7. [sic] Mehfil's rental from its let-out building was Rs 20. Scrap metal was sold, and this brought a credit balance of Rs 56-12-6 to the building account. For construction work to Mehfil's building, Rs 639-13-1 was borrowed from Mr. Hajee Ebrahim Dindar, and Rs 165 from Mr Ahmed Suleiman Saloojee Patel. In this way, the income for the last 2.5 years was Rs 5063-9-10.
From this amount, the building cost was Rs 3187-0-4, debit of Rs 90 for double credit, Rs 18-12-0 held by Mahomed Essop Teli, and Rs 168-8-6 for the purchase of newspapers, pamphlets, and books for the library, for furniture and its rental of Rs 33-4-0, Rs 11-9-4 for stationery and stamps, Rs 68-10-7 for workers' wages, and miscellaneous expenditure for gatherings and the cost of printing the last report; add up to expenses of Rs 108-4-9, village repairs of Rs 515-5-9, and Gurba fund donations of Rs 304-9-6 over 2.5 years for 685 poor people. The total expenses come to Rs 4536-2-2. These items of income and expenditure leave the Mehfil with a credit balance of Rs 20-14-5 in cash, Rs 281-6-3 in repair fund, Rs 225-3-0 in Gurba fund, totalling Rs 506-9-3 in Mr. Hajee Ahmed Dindar's possession. The total balance as at the end of the year is Rs 527-7-8. As of now, Mehfil has assets of Rs 3187-8-4 in building, Rs 169-12-0 in furniture, and Rs 202-3-3 in books, adding up to Rs 3598-15-7 in stock and Rs 141-6-0 worth of assorted items donated by 15 members.
This long report will be printed in a booklet. The Mehfil adjourned.

Source: Indian Opinion, March 26, 1910