Poems on Gandhi

Bapu - A True Satyagrahi

Mahatma the enlightened one
Won a war without sword or gun
Born in Saurashtra, a small coastal town
Which because of him achieved world Renown
A gentle human with a rare philosophy
Left his imprint in the annals of History
He threw back the conquerors across the seas
By showing them the power of his inner peace
Ahimsa he followed and brought a bloodless revolution
Without him our country we couldn't call our Nation
His message to us is simple and clear
If we, ignore it, the price we pay is dear
Discriminate not on creed or caste
Stand united, be Indian first and last
Bapu, sometimes I dream if you were in our midst
Wouldn't you face up to the terrorists,
Wouldn't you convert him who smuggles and plunders
Wouldn't you set right our wayward leaders,
Wouldn't you today save my country
And restore it to its ultimate Glory???
Bapu, I dream, a dream, will my dream come true
Will you be born again
My country needs you.