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Institutions Working for Village Development In India and Abroad

Centre of science for Villages, India.
Centre of science for Villages was started by Dr. Devendra Kumar, a scientist initiated by Gandhi's concept of rural development and decentralized economy. He joined Gandhi & Dr. J. C. Kumarappa, the well known economist of international repute, at the All India Village Industries Association, Wardha in the year 1946 and work there as the Scientist in the Laboratory.

All India Village Industries Association, Wardha, India.
In 1934 Gandhiji established the "All India Village Industries Association" at Wardha and devoted most of his time towards reorganization of Indian villages. Gandhiji started experiments in rural life-style such as revival of village crafts and agro processing industries, village cleanliness, diet reforms, etc., so that villages could be developed as ideal surroundings to live in.