ARTICLES : Peace, Nonviolence, Conflict Resolution

Read articles written by very well-known personalities and eminent authors about their views on Gandhi, Gandhi's works, Gandhian philosophy of Peace, Nonviolence and Conflict Resolution.

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Peace, Nonviolence, Conflict Resolution

  1. Yoga as a Tool in Peace Education
  2. Forgiveness and Conflict Resolution
  3. Gandhi's Philosophy of Nonviolence
  4. Global Nonviolence Network
  5. Violence And Its Dimensions
  6. Youth, Nonviolence And Gandhi
  7. Nonviolent Action: Some Dilemmas
  8. The Meaning of Nonviolence
  9. India And The Anglo-Boer War
  10. Gandhi's Vision of Peace
  11. Gandhi's Greatest Weapon
  12. Conflict Resolution: The Gandhian Approach
  13. Kingian Nonviolence : A Practical Application in Policing
  14. Pilgrimage To Nonviolence
  15. Peace Paradigms: Five Approaches To Peace
  16. Interpersonal Conflict
  17. Moral Equivalent of War As A Conflict Resolution
  18. Conflict, Violence And Education
  19. The Emerging Role of NGOs in Conflict Resolution
  20. Role of Academics in Conflict Resolution
  21. The Role of Civil Society in Conflict Resolution
  22. Martin Luther King's Nonviolent Struggle And Its Relevance To Asia
  23. Terrorism: Counter Violence is Not the Answer
  24. Gandhi's Vision and Technique of Conflict Resolution
  25. Three Case Studies of Nonviolence
  26. How Nonviolence Works
  27. The Courage of Nonviolence
  28. Conflict Resolution and Peace Possibilities in the Gandhian Perspective
  29. An Approach To Conflict Resolution
  30. Non-violence: Neither A Beginning Nor An End
  31. Peacemaking According To Rev. Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.
  32. The Truth About Truth Force
  33. The Development of A Culture of Peace Through Elementary Schools in Canada
  34. Gandhi, Christianity And Ahimsa
  35. Issues In Culture of Peace And Non-violence
  36. Solution of Violence Through Love
  37. Developing A Culture of Peace And Non-Violence Through Education
  38. Nonviolence And Western Sociological And Political Thought
  39. Gandhi After 9/11: Terrorism, Violence And The Other
  40. Conflict Resolution & Peace: A Gandhian Perspective
  41. A Gandhian Approach To International Security
  42. Address To the Nation: Mahatma Gandhi Writes on 26 January 2009
  43. Truth & Non-violence: Gandhiji's Tenets for Passive Resistance
  44. The Experiments of Gandhi: Nonviolence in the Nuclear Age
  45. Terrorism And Gandhian Non-violence
  46. Reborn in Riyadh
  47. Satyagraha As A Peaceful Method of Conflict Resolution
  48. Non-violence : A Force for Radical Change
  49. Peace Approach : From Gandhi to Galtung and Beyond
  50. Gandhian Approach to Peace and Non-violence
  51. Locating Education for Peace in Gandhian Thought

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Global Nonviolence Network

The Global Nonviolence Network (GNN) is a list of organisations and individuals (many of whom act as official contacts for networks like SERPAJ or WRI) that promote or teach nonviolence. The GNN is published here to facilitate networking among people committed to nonviolence. The list has been compiled (and regularly updated) from many sources over several years. Each organisation or individual, to the best of my knowledge, is willing to act as a contact for anyone seeking information about nonviolence, or is willing to be publicly identified as an advocate of nonviolence. This list is far from comprehensive; it contains about 190 contacts in just 63 countries. I have a supplementary record of many other individuals and organisations that could probably be included but I do not have the time to confirm their suitability or to establish their willingness to be publicly listed. Apart from these omissions, the list does not include, for example, the thousands of action groups that use nonviolence.

The GNN is posted on the World Wide Web at :

Please send additions/alterations to:
Robert J. Burrowes
P.O. Box 325, Blackburn
Victoria 3130, Australia
Global Nonviolence Network List
  1. Africa
  2. Asia Pacific
  3. Central / South America
  4. Europe
  5. International Network
  6. Middle East
  7. North America