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Table of Contents

  • Gandhi Autobiographies
  • Books By Gandhi
  • Books On Gandhi
  • Compilations of Gandhi's Writings
  • Subjectwise
    • Gandhi's Philosophy
    • Gandhi's View on Non-violence
    • Gandhi's View on Health
    • Gandhi's View on God
    • Gandhi's View on Religion
    • Gandhi's View on Village Development
    • Gandhi's View on Journalism
  • Gandhi Books For Children [Gandhi Peace Examination Books]
  • Comic Book on Mahatma Gandhi
  • Books by Acharya Vinoba Bhave
  • Gandhi Journals

This section contains the list of books available in Electronic Publication (EPUB) and MOBI Format.
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EPUB.MOBI Books: [More books will be added every week]

  • Gandhi-Katha [EPUB][MOBI]
  • Gandhiji's Autobiography Abridged - Abridged by Bharatan Kumarappa [EPUB]
  • Gandhi - Ganga (Abridged) -Compiled by : Mahendra Meghani [EPUB]
  • All Men Are Brothers -Compiled & Edited by: Krishna KripalaniEPUB]
  • Ashram Observances in action - By M. K. Gandhi [EPUB]
  • Ba and Bapu -By : Mukulbhai Kalarthi [EPUB]
  • Constructive Programme - Its Meaning and Place - By M. K. Gandhi [EPUB]
  • Diet and Diet Reform - By M. K. Gandhi [EPUB]
  • Discourses on the Gita [EPUB]
  • From Yeravda Mandir (Ashram Observances), by M. K. Gandhi [EPUB]
  • GANDHI: A Biography for Children and Beginners - by Ravindra Varma [EPUB]
  • Gandhi's Life In His Own Words - Compiled by Krishna Kripalani [EPUB]
  • Gandhiji on Khadi -Compiled by : Divya Joshi [EPUB]
  • Gandhiji on Villages -Compiled by : Divya Joshi [EPUB]
  • Gandhi's Life In His Own Words - Compiled by Krishna Kripalani [EPUB]
  • Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule, by M. K. Gandhi [EPUB]
  • India of My Dreams - by M. K. Gandhi, compiled by R. K. Prabhu [ [EPUB]
  • Key To Health, by M. K. Gandhi [EPUB]
  • The Moral Basis of Vegetarianism -by : M. K. Gandhi [EPUB]
  • My Non-violence -By: M. K. Gandhi [EPUB]
  • My Religion -by : M. K. Gandhi [EPUB]
  • Nature Cure -by : M. K. Gandhi [EPUB]
  • Panchayat Raj - by M. K. Gandhi, compiled by R. K. Prabhu [EPUB]
  • Pathway to GOD - by M. K. Gandhi, compiled by M. S. Deshpande [EPUB]
  • Ramanama -By : M. K. Gandhi [EPUB]
  • Satyagraha in South Africa -by : M. K. Gandhi [EPUB]
  • Selections From Gandhi -by : Nirmal Kumar Bose [EPUB]
  • The Mind of Mahatma Gandhi, Compiled by R. K. Prabhu & U. R. Rao [EPUB]
  • The Voice of Truth -by : M. K. Gandhi [EPUB]
  • The Law and The Lawyers -by : M. K. Gandhi [EPUB]
  • Trusteeship -by : M. K. Gandhi [EPUB]
  • Truth is God by M. K. Gandhi, ed. by R. K. Prabhu [EPUB]
  • Unto This Last - by M. K. Gandhi [EPUB]
  • Village Industries - by M. K. Gandhi [EPUB]
  • Village Swaraj - by M. K. Gandhi [EPUB]
  • What Jesus Means To Me - by M. K. Gandhi, Compiled by R. K. Prabhu [EPUB]
  • All Are Equal In The Eyes Of God[EPUB]
  • An Autobiography by M. K Gandhi [EPUB]
  • Bliss Was It To Be Young With Gandhi[EPUB]
  • Gandhi Faces The Storm by Gene Sharp [EPUB]
  • Gandhi In Anecdotes by Ravindra Varma [EPUB]
  • GANDHI The Alternative To Violence [EPUB]
  • Gandhiji Expects by M. K Gandhi [EPUB]
  • Gandhiji On Trusteeship Management [EPUB]
  • Gandhis Challenge To Christian by S. K George [EPUB]
  • GOKHALE My Political Guru by M. K Gandhi [EPUB]
  • In Search Of Supreme I [EPUB]
  • In Search Of Supreme II [EPUB]
  • Kasturba Gandhi by Aparna Basu [EPUB]
  • AHATMA GANDHI His Life And Times by Louis Fischer [EPUB]
  • Nonviolence And Social Change [EPUB]
  • Practice And Precepts Of Jesus by J C Kumarappa [EPUB]
  • Prayer by M. K Gandhi [EPUB]
  • Satya Ke Prayog [EPUB]
  • Selected Letters by M. K Gandhi [EPUB]
  • Self-Restraint V Self Indulgence by M. K Gandhi [EPUB]
  • Social Service Work & Reform Volume I by M. K Gandhi [EPUB]
  • Social Service Work & Reform Volume II by M. K Gandhi [EPUB]
  • Social Service Work & Reform Volume III by M. K Gandhi [EPUB]
  • The Epic Fast Pyarelal [EPUB]
  • The Gita According To Gandhi by Mahadev Desai [EPUB]
  • The Green Pamphlet [EPUB]
  • What Is Hinduism by M. K Gandhi [EPUB]