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Written by : M. K. Gandhi
Edited by : Bharatan Kumarappa
First Edition : 5,000 copies, July 1949
ISBN : 81-7229-062-4
Printed and Published by : Jitendra T. Desai
Navajivan Mudranalaya,
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Chapter 26: In Praise of Ground-nut Cake

[A friend sends the following opinion of Prof. D. L. Sahasrabuddhe, in praise of ground-nut cake. It certainly deserves a trial. - M. K. G.]

There is a good deal of preaching done to encourage the use of soya beans as a food material, while ground-nut which is ex­tensively grown in India is not given the consideration it deserves. Ground-nut is a very valuable oilseed and food material. Ground­nut itself is not easy for digestion and many times causes digestive disturbances. This is, however, due to the presence of a very high proportion of oil - 50 per cent. If the oil is extracted from well-cleaned seed, the oilcake left behind is a highly nutritious food material for human consumption and does not cause any trouble. The following is the average analysis of ground-nut cake and soya beans:

  Ground-nut cake per cent Soya beans per cent
Moisture 8 8
Proteids 49 43
Carbohydrates 24 19.5
Fat 10 20
Fibre 4 5
Mineral matter 5 4.5

The ground-nut cake compares very favourably with the soya beans. It is actually better than soya beans in the essential con­stituents. namely the proteids and the mineral matter. Further, the ground-nut proteid is better than soya bean proteid in essential amino-acid as shown by the following figures:

Essential Amino acids Ground-nut proteids per cent Soya bean proteids per cent
Tyrodine 5.5 1.86
Agrinine 13.5 5.12
Histidine 1.88 1.39
Lysine 5.50 2.71
Eystine0.85 -

If at all any biliousness is caused by ground-nut cake, use of a small quantity of jaggery or a little soda-bi-carb will be a good preventive. The ground-nut cake has a very good taste and its keeping quality can be improved by heating and keeping the cake in a properly closed vessel. Sweets and ordinary articles of food can be prepared from ground-nut cake. Attempts must, therefore, be made to spread the knowledge about the usefulness of ground-nut cake. It is certainly equal to and even better than soya beans.