Selected Letters of Gandhi : Part-1


Chapter-10: Work Among Women

Vaishakha Wadi 13

Does Miraben write to you occasionally? I can see from her letters that she is doing a great deal of work among the women as well as men. I will let you know one of the points in her letters. She writes that she finds all the sisters she meets very goodhearted, but their ignorance is terrible. These sisters do not know even the simplest thing. If she talks to them about the spinning wheel, they are surprised, and they do not understand the idea of plying it for the poor. Religion for them is only worship in the temple. They hardly know what service means. This impression may be due to her not understanding them fully. But we do know how our womenfolk are ignorant of even ordinary things. Though the responsibility for this ignorance rests with men, women must prepare to cure this evil. This is the task before you. I want all of you sisters to fit yourselves for it according to your capacity.