Selected Letters of Gandhi : Part-1


Chapter-25: Tolerance

It is not at all necessary that all those who have come in contract with me should be like me. It is even undesirable. That would be mere imitation. It would be worth while to adopt what is good in me only to the extent that they can assimilate it. For instance, the Sardar takes tea, but no one thinks of stopping him. It may be that tea may be a necessity for him on medical grounds. Then what about some of those who stay with me and are my companions and who are meat-eaters? Only those who know that tea does not suit them or have thought about how tea is grown with sweated labour should give up tea. Ba takes tea in spite of the facts that she lives with me. She also takes coffee. I would even lovingly prepare it for her. Why is that so? I know your question was put only in fun. But we are prone to misunderstanding and intolerance in these matters and we must correct these errors.