Selected Letters of Gandhi : Part-1


Chapter-36: Seeing God

To a co-worker who asked if one could see God face to face while still living

This question never worries a liver of the Gita life, for he is entitled only to strive and must not bother about the consequences. Still I am inclined to think that perfect realization of the Supreme is impossible so long as one is subject to the limitations of life. He might reach the door but cannot enter as he still bears his body like chains. However he should b ever conscious of pain due to separation from God; if this pain is not felt he will be negligent in his effort and might even stop it altogether. The pain must not cause despondency but must be spring of hope everlasting and a spur to stronger effort. Remember the Gita promise that the least little effort never goes in vain. Therefore the pain of separation too must be a source of joy for the aspirant, his goal sooner or later.

Translated from Gujarati