Selected Letters of Gandhi : Part-1


Chapter-11: Sanskrit and Music

Jyeshtha shudi 14

I hope you are pronouncing the shlokas correctly, though we shall not be called to account for reciting the name of God incorrectly. God is a searcher of hearts only. If our hearts are pure, we will get full marks even if we stutter in our speech. Writing about this, I may describe the pleasant experience we are having here. Mysore is a part of Karnatak which has given us Kaka Saheb. Sisters here know Sanskrit and music very well. I heard their songs at Nandi, and the day before yesterday two sisters here sang in correct Sanskrit pronunciation a summary of the Ramayana. I think there were more than 100 shlokas. I could not detect a single mistake in them. One of them is still a student, and she knows the meaning of the verse also. But why am I writing to you about this? I value the work you are doing at present more than the study of Sanskrit. Become sisters of mercy, fearless and pure, and work as a team. This is a better education than any other. If a study of Sanskrit and music could be added on to it, of course so much the better.