Selected Letters of Gandhi : Part-1


Chapter-15: Life and Death

You are all students of the Gita. Everyday you recite a portion of it at the morning prayers. If therefore you are troubled in mind upon hearing of my illness, you must have recourse to the Gita for relief. I fell ill just while I was translating the second chapter. I recall the lesson it teaches us and keep myself in good cheer. You too should cheer up in the same fashion. The body must suffer for its ill deeds. We die o live once more, even as we live only to die at last. Life therefore is not an occasion for sorrow. But there is one thing needful. We must ascertain our duty in life and continue to discharge it till we die. You know what is your duty either by faith or by conviction. See that you are not remiss in your performance of it. And having done your duty you will play your usual game of tipcat and dance in rasa as well even if you hear that I am no longer in the land of the living. Continue to do your duty as if nothing had happened and thus falsify the news of my passing away. I depend upon you.