Selected Letters of Gandhi : Part-1


Chapter-6: Devotion

Magh Wadi 11

There is always a women’s meeting during the tour. I am therefore gathering fresh experience everyday. I feel that women hold the keys of Swaraj in their hands. But who will bring about an awakening among them? Multitudes of women live in idleness; who will induce them to take to industry? Mothers spoil their children from their infancy, and load them with ornaments and superfluous clothes. They marry their young girls to old men. I am deeply painted when I see women heavily bedecked with ornaments. Who will explain to them that these tinkers are no aid to beauty? Real beauty is the beauty of the soul. And so on. But what is the remedy? The remedy will be readily found when some strong-willed Draupadi is thrown up by our people. You should resolve and try to acquire such capacity. Patience and perseverance overcome mountains.