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What Others Say....

Arockiam [ ]

I was searching for Gandhiji's views on cleanliness and swachh bharat and I happened to visit your website. How many versions of your site are there? A little cleanup is required to make it more user friendly


Mathew K M [ ]

Student Project Section helped me a lot in preparing a page for my child. Poems by children are very nice. Keep it up.


Ramesh [ ]

Very Informative website on Gandhiji. add more information about all the Ashrams.


Deepthi [ ]

Please add some latest publications on Gandhiji as ebooks. Also add a list of available free ebooks on Gandhi literature at various library websites. We prefer epub or mobi version instead of PDF file. It is more suitable for reading on mobiles and tablets.


Jimmy Mathew [ ]

Thank you very much for providing so many free eBooks on Mahatma Gandhi. I have downloaded many and is reading them everyday. Kindly upload more eBooks with out fail.