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Bhavesh [ ]

Respected Sir Thank you very much for this wonderful website. My 9 year old son is looking for a book on Mahtama Gandhiji's speeches in Hindi language. He is participating in inter school competition and he has selected Gandhiji's speech( in Hindi language) as his competition subject. I have one such book with me. But could you please suggest me ISBN no or title / online PDF of books in Hindi on speech given by Gandhiji. Thanks and Kind Regards Bhavesh


lourini [ ]

Sir Shriram Jadhav Hello sir I want to come to Sevagram ashram of 16 January 2016 to 23 .: I practice meditation for several years and I am a great admirer of the philosophy of Mr. Gandhi. Is it possible to receive me. Thank you to answer me Codialement Ms. Lourini from Brussels (Belgium/Europe)


Anilkumar [ ]

Sir, I am from Hyderabad. I am interested to visit Sevgram. Pl provide me accommodation from 4 th July for 3 Days Yours sincerly Anilkumar 9848584525


Manish Junagade [ ]

This website is nicely designed. I liked the contents of the website. Please update about programmes regularly so that visitors will get recent information about events happening at Ashram.



I want to see the ashram and get treatment for my illness