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  • 13-02-2017 : The Magic of Khadi
    "Khadi is meant for everyone. Even a depraved man, a sinner, a drunkard, a gambler, anybody, can wear it. But the sacred quality of khadi is that it is a symbol of freedom. Those who wish to live in free India ought to wear khadi."
    - M. K. Gandhi.
    To Gandhi, khadi was more than a simple cloth. It was the material embodiment of an ideal and sacredness....
  • 13-02-2017 : How Mahatma Gandhi's Martyrdom Saved India
    "I am striving to become the best cement between the two communities. My longing is to be able to cement the two with my blood, if necessary".
    Gandhiji said Before undertaking the fast in September 1924
    That Gandhi was assassinated... The peace-maker was no more... Everybody feared that the bloodletting between Hindus and Muslims might intensify. But all fears were baseless. India was saved... Gandhiji's martyrdom saved India....
  • 15-01-2017 : Swadeshi: The greatest vow of this age By Radha Bhatt
    Gandhi called swadeshi as swadeshi dharma. It was an integral part of his eleven vows. He described it as the greatest vow of the age. Therefore, to look at this revolutionary human value merely as an instrument to overcome the present state of economic crisis is not only unfair but also to lose its real strength.
  • 15-01-2017 : Trusteeship By Dhiru Mehta
    For solving our economic problems one has to accept Gandhi’s economic solutions. Pandit Nehru realized it in his last days, which was too late for him to change the course. Advocates of present economic policy are getting highly intoxicated. The one of the idea of Gandhi’s economics was the concept of “Trusteeship”. Let us not wait for someone else to set the ball rolling. Let us all make a start here and now. Mahatma can only take us to the river, he cannot make us drink.
  • 15-01-2017 : MAHATMA GANDHI : A real friend By The Earl Mountbatten of Burma
    In the course of my life I have had the good fortune to get to know many of the world's leaders and in my career to have served with many men of outstanding talent. In the long catalogue I recall only a few that I would describe without hesitation as truly great men. I have no hesitation however in placing Mahatma Gandhi in this very short list of the elect of our times. Read the full article from 'Mahatma Gandhi 100 Years', Gandhi Peace Foundation, 2009.
  • 15-01-2017 : Yoga as a Tool in Peace Education By Suramya Mathai
    Peace education has been identified as the most pressing need of the time. In the present era of uncertainty and violence in the forms of terrorism, war, crimes, injustice, oppression and exploitation, 'peacefulness' in thought, word, and deed needs to be kept alive in human consciousness.
  • 12-11-2016 : Mahatma Gandhi and The Polaks
    Amongst the early and closest friends of Mahatma Gandhi in South Africa, now largely forgotten, were an English couple named Henry Polak and Millie Polak. Henry zoos a radical English Jew, Millie was a Christian feminist. Polak was Gandhi's closest political aide and fellow-seeker. Even after their return to England in 1916, the Polaks continued to take much interest in India's future and kept a close association with Gandhi until the latter's death in 1948. Despite his yeomen services to India
  • 12-11-2016 : Some of Gandhi's Early Views on Africans Were Racist. But That Was Before He Became Mahatma
    It is important to remember that the early Gandhi had little contact with Africans and did not understand their sensitivities and believed that all Africans Were Racist. But That Was Before He went to Africa and getting quarantined with them closely. Gandhi said, “My life is my message”. His life shows how an ordinary human being who has many weaknesses can rise to great heights by shedding his early prejudices and by adhering to love and non-violence instead of hate and greed. This messa
  • 12-11-2016 : Gandhi's Concept of Trusteeship
    Gandhi’s idea of trusteeship could be considered in a holistic way. Once the idea of trusteeship grips the society, then the whole idea of philanthropy and gifts would disappear from the society. A trustee would never entertain the feeling that he has given away something of his own, as he would never have the feeling of exclusive ownership of his property. He would never take himself to be more than a trustee. Read this well written article to understand Gandhi's Concept of Trusteeship fully.
  • 16-03-2016 : Gandhi's Philosophy of Nonviolence
    With Gandhi, the notion of nonviolence attained a special status. He not only theorized on it, he adopted nonviolence as a philosophy and an ideal way of life. He made us understand that the philosophy of nonviolence is not a weapon of the weak; it is a weapon, which can be tried by all.